Ricoh MDS is delivered through our adaptive, customer-centric, five-phased approach. Our delivery model puts you at the center. Each MDS deployment is unique, aligning the services we provide with your particular business environment and strategic objectives. By following a five-phased process that take us from initial understanding to full-blown partnership, we work with you and adapt our strategies to your business model.The Understand phase begins with an expert assessment of your "current" state, theImprove phase includes the design of a "desired" state.  The Transform phase focuses on deployment, the Govern phase ensures all of your objectives are met and the Optimizephase addresses ongoing improvements and sustained savings.

How We Engage and Deliver MDS

Throughout the five phases, Service Managers and Project Managers work as an extension of your staff, and our Organizational Change Management experts help employees make a productive transition from old processes to new ones.

Why Us?

Ricoh's Managed Document Services build upon our core foundation of industry-leading hardware and software technologies and document and IT-related services. This strategic business addresses the business practices surrounding the management of both print and electronic information.

Our commitment to hardware and software innovation is stronger than ever.  Ricoh MDS, however, is about much more than products.  MPS (Managed Print Services) is at the heart of Ricoh’s Managed Document Services and the best practices set the groundwork.  Ricoh’s MDS goes beyond printing; it can be leveraged to help you manage critical business processes, activities, and resources with the ultimate benefit of controlling costs.  By delivering the right information, at the right time, in the right form, we can help you control costs and your employees will be more productive.

Differentiating Ricoh MDS from ?MPSManaged Print Services Association (MPSA) defines MPS as “the active management and optimization of document output devices and related business processes.” While competitive MPS offerings focus tightly on devices and print management, Ricoh MDS addresses the business practices surrounding the management of both print and electronic information.

Ricoh MDS encompasses the three fundamental parts of document management — input (the creation of information), throughput (how information moves around a business), and output (processing of information).

Ricoh MDS is also characterized by three distinct attributes that clearly differentiate Ricoh: